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If you are interested in a puppy from Wilma and Butch, or just want to talk about this litter, please email Jeanne, or by phone at 661-618-8798. Blue Boy, a natural ear male, and his cropped sisters White Girl and Sparkle Girl are available.

Wilma whelped a day early, producing 6 girls, 5 boys, all black as expected. This is a very large litter when using frozen semen, I'm thrilled.

Doing an AI litter is always chancy, and using frozen semen makes the chances of success even slimmer. But Wilma, Butch and my vet came through.

This litter will be all blacks / black born grays. Neither parent carries the tawny gene. I'm expecting wonderful personalities, great movement, substantial heads, and fantastic coat quality. I'm not expecting small Briards, but you never know about size.

Wilma's first litter was full of happy pups. I can't wait to see what she produces this time around.


Wilma's pups are almost 2 years old. Grace and Gilette are expecting puppies in Sept. 2014.

Wilma and Butch's Briard Puppies - a litter from lebec

Not Just a Pretty
Fa(ce) Nadina-Sis

OFA Hips Fair
OFA Elbows Normal
OFA Cardiac Normal (cardiologist)
OFA Patellas Normal
OFA Thyroid Normal
Eyes 2012 Normal (CERF)
CSNB Clear by pedigree
Owned by Jeanne Lorang
Bred by Nada Stralkova, Nadina-Sis
  • Wilma the lap dog
  • Wilma at 10 months
  • Always happy!
  • Wilma has lovely movement
  • Wilma at about 20 months
  • Looking for the neighbor's cat
  • Buried in pups from her first litter
  • Atris, Wilma's sire
  • Jean, Wilma's dam

Wilma is my natural eared import from the Czech Republic. Wilma is a beautiful girl who has a huge personality mixed with a great sense of humor. Everyone she meets loves her. Part of this is due to her addiction to tummy rubbing! She absolutely loves to have her tummy rubbed. Anyone who enters my house is fair game. Wilma waits for you to sit down and then quickly works her way into your lap, smiles up at you and positions herself on her back for a tummy rub. Wilma loves human contact. She loves hands on.

If no one is available to rub her tummy, Wilma does it herself. She lays on the couch with her front feet on the floor and rubs her tummy on the edge of the couch. What an addiction!!

And second to tummy rubbing, Wilma likes a good butt scratch. She backs up into my lap, hoists her rear end up, and stays there until it gets scratched. She will do this with all her human friends. In payment, she gives hugs. Wilma stands on her rear legs, puts her paws on your shoulders and looking into your eyes says a happy 'thanks.' Wilma lives to please, and 'happy' is her normal state of mind.

Wilma is slightly over standard ( I would shrink her 10% if I could), with a lot of bone and coat. Her beautiful thick coat is amazing. The coarse texture is exactly what the breed standard talks about. Best of all, it is very easy to maintain. When I look at Wilma, I see exactly what I want in a Briard - proportion, structure, head, neck, and tail blended with a marvelous temperament.

Wilma has both of her majors, and lacks 4 points to finish her AKC Championship - summer heat caught up to me before I finished her. She prefers outdoor shows, and I prefer cool weather! She loves agility, and will stand by the door hoping we are going to class.

Wilma's first litter of pups had her great personality. Outgoing, friendly, and eager to please, they have brought happiness to their homes. Wilma was a great mother the first time around, making my job so easy.

Ch. Bodo Ogunquit

OFA Hips Good
OFA Elbows Normal
OFA Cardiac Normal (Cardiologist)
OFA Patella Normal
OFA Thyroid Normal
CERF 2003
CSNB Clear (Optigen)
Owned and adored by Cheryl Davidman and Ron Lederer
  • Butch
  • Butch from the front
  • Butch being his usual easy self
  • Belle, Butch's lovely daughter from his first litter
  • Beto, the impressive son from Butch's second litter

I don't have a lot of pictures of Butch, and what I have is not great quality. This wonderful boy passed away several years ago, and this litter is the result of artificial insemination using frozen semen. I've been planning this breeding since I got Wilma a few years back, because I do love what Butch produced while he was alive! One of my favorite dogs of all time, Belle, is a Butch daughter. And his son Beto also shows what quality he can produce.

Butch was a son of Shaka, Ch Fracasse de Lindeau. Shaka was a three time winner of the Briard Club of America National Specialty. Butch's dam Koko had an illustrious show career as well. Butch was an easy going Briard who ran loose at the dog park every week, despite being an intact male. If you know male Briards, you know this speaks highly of his temperament. Butch primary role was beloved pet, and he was not shown until he was over 6 years old. He finished his championship easily. Butch had lovely movement arising from his great structure, a beautiful coat, and just demanded the judges attention. Photos don't do him justice, as his loving owners kept him (very) well padded. That "padding" throws off the proportion of his head to his body in photos - hands on, it was a different story. .


Pedigree of: Wilma x Butch puppies
Ch. Bodo Ogonquit Am, PR, Mex, World Ch. Fracasse de Lindeau Ch. Dakar du Chemin des Rocailles World.Int.Lux. Ch. Harlem du Clos du Millepoil
Belg.Ch. Antilles de la Brionnerie
Ch. Votre Magic Marker de Lindeau Ch. Lindeaux Trademark
Ch. Notre Magic Genie de Lindeau
Ch. Bodo I'm Koko de l'Etat d'Or Ch. Mon Jovis F C Beauregard Ch. Deja Vu Elementary My Dear
Ch. Mon Jovis Amber
Ch. Mon Jovis Guerneville Miracle Ch. Mon Jovis Forever Mine
Ch. Picador Temptress
Not Just a Pretty Fa Nadina-Sis Polish Ch Atris Trzy Korony Rubis du Moulin D'or Int.Ch. Dynamo de La Corse Sauvage
Ne Toucher Pas du Moulin D"or
Molly Z Pierwszej Ligi If de Beaulieu
Ayrine z Antily
Czech Gr. Ch, Slovakian, Polish, Austrian Ch. Jean d'Arc Nadina-Sis Czech, Slovak, Polish, Hungarian and Austrian Champion Alfio Arte Cassari Idole des Monts d'en Crouzille
Slovak, Czech and Austrian Ch Carissa Vigo
Czech, Slovak, Polish, Hungarian and Austrian Champion Bead Lilac Nadina-Sis Czech, Slovak, Polish Ch Falco Kasiterit
Ch. Consuela Vigo

Double the fun!

I'm not currently running the webcam. If you would like it turned on to view the puppies, please call me at 661-618-8798.

Here's pics from Day 1. Wilma before and after her bath, and a few pups.
  • Wilma looks exhausted - what a day!
  • Her colorful bouqet
  • So shiny and plump

Week 5 stacked and showing off!

The Boys:

  • Mr Blue
  • Mr Green was asleep, and it shows
  • Mr Maroon
  • Mr Purple showing off
  • Mr Red

The Girls:

  • Ms Lilac
  • Ms Lt Green
  • Ms Pinky, the pocket Briard
  • Ms Sparkle
  • Ms White
  • Haylee Jo!

Weeks 6 and 7

  • What a head!
  • Nightime crate training has started. 16 crates!
  • They love the box with balls.
  • Or any box!
  • The toybox.
  • Chaos in the puppy pen.
  • Visiting at 7 weeks.
  • Flower child
  • Pretty purple boy!
  • A social visit at 7 weeks
  • Syrah plays hard with the group
  • I was supposed to go THROUGH the tunnel?
  • Lebec's Hey Lady Cherron
  • A favorite spot
  • Big boy takes little girl for a ride
  • box does double duty
  • Blue boy at 7 weeks
  • Red boy at 7 weeks
  • Purple boy at 7 weeks
  • Green boy at 7 weeks
  • Maroon boy at 7 weeks
  • White girl at 7 weeks
  • Lt Green girl at 7 weeks
  • Sparkle girl at 7 weeks
  • Lilac Girl at 7 weeks
  • Pink girl at 7 weeks

Week 8

  • A serious looking Maroon boy
  • Who can also be very silly!
  • Pretty boy
  • Hi MoM!
  • Maroon boy at 8 weeks
  • Purple boy looking royal
  • Purple boy at 8 weeks
  • We like bushes





If you would like any more information about this litter, Wilma, Butch, or Briards in general, please contact Jeanne at, or by phone at 661-618-8798